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Are you a small to medium-sized business in the Portsmouth area? Are you looking for someone to write the content for your website? If the answer is yes, then please get in touch - I am a local website content writer and I write engaging content at affordable prices.

The words on your website will help your business to climb the search engine rankings and invite potential customers to contact you.

How do you get noticed on Google?

    • Do you want your business to rank well on search engines?
    • Do you have your own website?
    • Are you confused by the sheer volume of information online that promises to help you ‘climb the rankings’ in return for thousands of pounds?
    • Do you have a limited budget and want to get your website up and running but have no idea where to start?
    • Are you looking for someone to write text for your website?

It is tough getting to noticed on Google. Many of the 'big boys' are up there, spending thousands of pounds on marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, however, that doesn't mean that your company can't be in with a shout!

That is exactly why I set up this website . It is to help you, to make sure that your company is found on search engines and to share my expertise without you having to spend thousands of pounds.

Why choose Take My Word as your website content writer?

I help businesses to climb the search engines by writing engaging content. This makes a website more visible which leads to more enquiries.

Over the past nine years, I have written content for business websites – many of these companies are now on page 1 of Google for the words that they want to be found for, and more importantly the words that people are searching for. The others are climbing the rankings and are being monitored and content tweaked or added to.

Please let me know if you would like to see examples of these websites.

Cutting through the clutter

It’s ok that you are not an expert in copywriting or search engine optimisation – you are an expert in your own business, otherwise, you wouldn’t be running it.

It is also understandable that you would look for an expert to make sure that you can be found online.

However, it has occurred to me over the past year that there are many marketing and search engine optimisation companies promising the earth to get you onto page 1 if you are willing to pay the earth.

Ongoing monthly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at extortionate costs, hocus pocus terminology to confuse and worry people.

Have you done this? Why haven’t you done this? Have you paid for this? Why haven’t you paid for this? Have you done your long tails, your 'short tails', your backlinks, your 'front links'? And then the shake of the head or intake of breath. ‘Oh no, what do you mean you haven’t done these things? Well, what you need to do is this…kerching!'

You get my drift. It’s an SEO minefield out there. And that may be ok if you are a large corporation, but what if you are only just starting out or you are a small local company?

This is where I come in! I can help you navigate across the minefield. I offer a professional copywriting service for companies in the Portsmouth area at affordable prices. Up to ten pages, researched, written with keywords and uploaded onto your website*

A no-nonsense service to keep things simple.

Website content writing Portsmouth

  • Allow me to write your website content for you.
  • As a copywriter I can create a website that is compelling, will help your company to rise through the Google rankings, will answer questions from your potential customers and encourage them to contact you.
  • Follow this link to the 'services' page for more details.

Contact Take My Word - website content writer, Portsmouth

If you would like me to write content for your website or if you just want to find out more, please email: contact@takemyword.co.uk or call 07305 265535

*I can upload content onto your website on our behalf if you have user/editing access to your site.